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Age Regression - "resolving issues from its origin"


There has been a degree of skepticism concerning alternative forms of healing therapy in the past years However, increasing anecdotal and experiential data has attracted more and more people into these forms due to their overall positive effects on mind and body. It has been experienced that where modern medicines may give immediate relief they usually do not have a long lasting effect and hence those suffering end up living on pills their entire lives. The alternate forms get to the root cause of a disorder and help heal in mind, body and soul.


One such alternative healing modality is Hypnotherapy. There are many misconceptions about this particular healing therapy due to notions spread by movies and entertainment channels. It has been associated with evil, black magic and occult, but none of it is true. Hypnotherapy does not make you lose your consciousness or your control over your mind. A licensed hypnotherapist leads you to a relaxed state of mind which helps you delve deeper into your subconscious. You could call it being in a meditative state or in a focused concentration mode.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Have you had an insistent pain in some part of your body that you are unable to get rid of? Have you tried various doctors and prescriptions but are yet to get relief? The cause of this pain could be much deeper than you think. It could be due to an emotional trauma or tragedy that you may have suffered in your childhood. Due to the brain’s defense mechanism, the memory of this instance is buried in your subconscious and is now triggering physical reaction in your body.

A licensed hypnotherapist can help you. The therapist will take you into a completely relaxed state which will help you identify the cause of the pain. The therapist will then help you deal with this issue and release it out of your system.

Sounds magical? It is not, it is simply science. Our mind and body are part of one system and hence always connected. Any stress, unhappiness or strain will reflect in your physical body as well.

Age Regression

Age Regression is a form of Hypnotherapy where the therapist will walk you through a particular episode of your childhood that may now be the cause of issues that you are facing. The state of hypnosis helps you review the past in a detached manner and not relive the pain that is associated with it. The therapist will help you in releasing the negative emotions that are connected with it and letting go of it.

Often conditioning or strict parenting leaves an impression on a human mind that is seen much later. It could be physical or could result in phobias, low self esteem, panic attack syndromes, depression or at times addiction too.


A young girl’s parents wanted her to excel in studies. They would often compare her marks with those of her classmate and berate her for not being ‘good enough’ or ‘smart enough’. This conditions the young girl’s mind to think that she is the second best. Later in life this affects her relationship and her career performance as she always puts herself later. She looks for approval that she did not get in her childhood and often end up allowing others to mistreat her.

Where her parents wrong? Would her life be different if she was treated differently? Maybe, yes. But what needs to change is the way she reacted to that criticism and how she is still carrying the past burdens with her. A hypnotherapist can identify these issues and help the girl learn to love herself and make herself the most important person in her own world. She will learn to forgive herself, her parents and release the distress that their comparison caused her.

This process has genuine healing potential and there are hypnotherapist who are trained in this art. If you do wish to explore this particular form, then ensure that the therapist you go to has the required license and you have a comfort level with them.


Hypnotherapy and its various benefits are slowly being recognized. Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist recognized this practice for its goodness and has successfully used it to heal many of his patients. He has written books on his experiences with his patients and how hypnotherapy help them have a healthy happy and full life.

It helps one get a deeper understanding or their own self, understanding their flaws and shortcomings, forgiving those who hurt them and hence healing themselves completely and then equipped to lead their lives as whole and complete individuals.

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