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Shama PatelGynaecologist

General, Marital & Corporate Counsellor


MSc. (Counselling Psychology)


10 Years


Mon - Sun

1pm - 6pm


Ms. Shama Patel is a Post-Graduate in Counselling Psychology from Bangalore University. As a Psychologist,

She has more than eight years of experience dealing with the problems faced by adults, teenagers, married couples, senior citizens, alcoholics, drug addicts, victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking and so on! She consults clients on prior appointment basis at The Family Doctor clinic and Medcliniq Diagnostic center (Pune).

Shama also conducts workshops on mental and emotional well-being at various leading companies, assisting as many people as possible in their healing. She is often referred as Happiness Coach/Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) by the company/organization heads, after they witness her happiness workshop. She has successfully executed several sessions on Life Management (aka stress management) where she explores the genesis of stress and creates a less intimidating understanding of the same.

Shama has authored two books. In her first book titled ‘21 Ways of Being Happy’ she conveys the message that one is responsible for one’s own happiness. She reminds the reader that it is in one’s own hand to overcome guilt, self pity, regret, anxiety and other mental barriers that one builds around oneself that drives happiness away. According to her, happiness can be defined as the ability to be in love and peace with oneself every minute of consciousness, whatever circumstances one may experience.


She believes that as human beings, we are bound to have ups and downs in life and hence, believing in the terms like ‘a state of perpetual happiness’ creates unnecessary pressure on our Being. Instead of seeking that perpetual happiness, she reinstates the art of embracing one’s self, even at the times when happiness seems long lost.


Her second book ‘Alfaaz (Between Love & the Beloved)’ include poems and the Nazm that celebrate love, passion, longing, unfolding the richness of the human heart.

Shama is an ardent believer in the trinity of the Body, Mind and Soul and her practice and writing strongly reflects this philosophy.

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