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Hynotherapy: Past Life Regression

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The above mentioned topic continues to have an aura of mystique around it . Below is my attempt to demystify this concept.

Have you ever seen a place and had a sense of déjà vu? Have you met someone and felt an instant connection, at times, even instant dislike for him or her? Are there any unexplained fears or phobias you suffer from? Any physical pain you suffer from that the modern science can neither explain nor find a cure for? These places, people, fear, pain may be due to a trauma or unresolved issues of this life or maybe another life that your soul lived through and still carries the pain.

Past life regression through Hypnotherapy is gaining recognition, not just across the globe but also in India now . Dr. Brian Weiss was the avant-garde of this methodology – he bought out the findings of this amazing alternate form of healing through his path breaking book – Many Lives, Many Masters. Herein he detailed the miraculous progressive healing of this patient of various anxiety related disorders as she kept exploring her past lives.

We all have a soul which is immortal. This soul must have been on this earth before and will come again in another form to complete its spiritual journey. However, during its journeys which it is taking to learn various lessons for its own spiritual path, it is also gaining experiences, not all of which are pleasant. Some maybe so deeply hurtful that its effects can get carried over to the next life, affecting it too. These effects may be carried into the current lives in the form of unresolved traumas, strange aches and pains, anxiety disorders etc.

If you feel the urge to delve into your past lives as it could help you gain something or close an issue then please ensure that you find a well-known and licensed hypnotherapist for the same. A Past Life Regression involves opening of primal memories – hence needs to be handled by an equipped and experienced therapist.

You may not always be able to see your lives in the first session itself. It will definitely not happen if you have doubts about the therapy itself. However, if you have a well trained therapist with whom you have established a working rapport then you will definitely be able to walk beyond and enter your past lives to learn, understand and heal.

Since I started my journey as a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I have helped many of my clients take this walk into their memories and gain insights on their ailments. It has certainly helped them understand their own selves better and in many cases heal completely.

I recount this amazingly interesting case of a client for whom a memory from the past had taken form of a physical ailment. My client was a woman who seemed to have contracted a concentrated skin infection in her index finger. The skin in the finger of her right hand was dry and itchy and the skin was highly sensitive and would cut easily. This issue had triggered after her dog died.

She had gone to various dermatologists and had even tried Homeopathy. When nothing worked, she sought me out to see if I could help her with Hypnotherapy.

I suggested past life regression to her to see if this ailment had deeper roots. Though skeptical at first, she agreed and we started her therapy. Post deep relaxation – her memory files opened into a Aztec Past Life.

She saw herself in a tribe, wearing an Aztec dress made of leather. She was inside her tiny tent, stirring a pot with bubbling liquid. There were small pouches of herbs and flowers surrounding her. She came out of the hut and called out in a strange language. A beautiful white owl flew down and sat on the finger of her outstretched hand, the index finger that now bothered her. His claws tightened around it making small indentions. She stroked him and spoke to him, tied a message around his legs and let him fly off again.

A warning horn blew in distance and she went inside again. My client saw the back story which told her that she had been a medicine woman of an ancient tribe. She was also their village wise woman and could speak to animals and birds. She had sent her faithful owl to the neighboring village with a request for help. They were going to be pillaged by a rival tribe and needed help of neighbors. As gruesome scenes of war started playing during the memory, disturbing her. I asked her to move ahead. She did and saw herself walking across the field strewn with dead bodies. She could hear cry of people behind her as she tried to bandage those who could still be helped.

Soon she saw her owl, lying in the pool of blood. He had given the message to the neighboring village, which had saved them. But while returning he had been hit by an arrow and died. She picked him up and cried in pain, asking him for forgiveness.

I eased her out of the memory and asked her to leave behind the guilt and pain that she had suffered then. She followed my instructions and soon came out. I told her that her guilt of losing her owl and been triggered when her pet in this life died. She held herself responsible for the owl’s death and hence her finger, where he sat, had started acting up. There was a complete release from the guilt and grief that she carried from losing him. This was completely healed due to the recall and reframing of this memory.

Post this session , her infection disappeared and she never had a relapse.

So is this magic? It is at some level, but the magic is within you, in your memories.

Explore healing at physical, mental , emotional and spiritual levels with Hypnotherapy

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